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This is a virtual reproduction of the book  Never – An Invaluable Guide for Young and Old written by Landy Larkin and published by Specialty Publishing Company of Cincinnati in 1887.  A few of the items are dated, but a remarkable number of them still ring true today, over 120 years later.

Every day will offer a new tidbit of advice until the book is eventually completed.  Please come along for the journey of rediscovering this nearly-lost volume of practical wisdom.  We would be honoured to share the ride with you.

In the words of the author:

“This little volume has been written for the benefit of all persons who desire SOMETHING NEW, ORIGINAL, highly ENTERTAINING and USEFUL.

The dusty road traveled so much by other writers has been avoided, and it is to be hoped that the reader, now and then, may find some refreshing scenery along his pathway.

Many things, at first, may not meet the approval of a few persons, but if all swallowed every word, as though it were a dose of medicine, the author would feel disappointed, knowing that universal approval is an evidence of worthlessness, as a general rule.

The thoughts expressed have been culled from many sources, and represent the opinions of many intelligent persons, who have given special attention to the subjects discussed.

As a rule, the commonest errors have been omitted, and an attempt has been made to break the shackles of prejudice, whenever an opportunity has been presented.

Nearly every book that has been written contains five times as many pages as are necessary, and we hope that one of the special merits of this little book is its brevity.

All great speeches have been short; all great poems have been confined to a few stanzas; all great men have been of few words; the greatest joys are of short duration–it is not the number of pages read that makes us learned, but the number of facts remembered; the number of lessons learned; the number of grand truths we make our own.

It is to be hoped that the reader will be richly repaid for perusing NEVER, and that it may be instrumental in causing him to dispense with many useless and injurious habits, besides pointing out many stumbling-blocks along life’s uncertain pathway.

That all will read it carefully, and without prejudice, is the desire of the